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Circle of Friends is a social skills service designed to promote community participation and intregration for adults who have mental or physical disabilities.

The Circle of Friends program is a service offered by the NIVC Services The program assists individuals in becoming involved in community wide social and recreational activities. Participation in the program helps individuals to develop social contacts, social skills and leisure time interests.

The Circle of Friends Program offers time to develop skills on a one to one basis or in large or small groups.

Assessment tools and communtiy activities are utilized to identify each participants areas of interest. Goals, objectives and stategies are developed to allow increased communtiy participation and to build friendships, which will generalize to other experiences.

Stacy Heinselman, North Iowa Vocational Center (NIVC) Circle of Friends Coordinator, facilitates the program working with each individual to promote independence in assessing recreational activities.

The Arc of North Central Iowa provides funding for the Circle of Friends program.

If you would like more information on the Circle of Friends program, Contact:
Stacy Heinselman
North Iowa Vocational Center

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