North Central Iowa Arc
Community Education

The Arc helps the community gain understanding of intellectual and developmental disabilities, the persons
it affects and precautions that prevent some types of this disability. Information
is provided through printed materials and planned activities, especially in March.

Safe Grants and Scholarship

Structural Accessibility Funding Enterprise (SAFE) Grants are matching funds
given by the Arc to families who need financial assistance in adapting their homes to
meet the needs of a member who has disabilities. Examples of projects that may be
funded include ramps for accessibility, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, or special
equipment for the individual to assist their independence.

Scholarship: The Arc of North Central Iowa offers a scholarship for students who
are interested in working with individuals who have disabilities. The scholarship is
only offered to residents in our service area. (Area II)

Volunteer Efforts

A variety of opportunities are available for you to become involved in our local
chapter or on a broader basis. A few examples are assisting with recreational
activities, serving on chapter committees, or advocating for effective programs.


Keep up to date on activities and issues involving persons with disabilities
through local, state, and national newsletters: North Central Iowa chapter
"Communicator," the Arc of Iowa "Monitor" and the national "The Arc
Today" provide information about services in the community and
legislation affecting supports, activities, and informational meetings.
Involvement in the Arc will put you in contact with parents with similar
challenges, educators who care, and professionals who want to help.


Services are provided through advocating for inclusion in community activities,
promoting development of programs for unmet needs, and sponsoring activities.
Benefits through the Arc also include group insurance and pharmacy programs.


The National Association promotes research to enhance independence for all
persons affected by mental retardation. Knowledge of causes and prevention
methods are also priority.


Many of the opportunities available today are the result of the Arc's past
advocacy to legislators, educators, service providers, and employers.
Members continue to encourage inclusion in the areas of education,
employment, community living, and social activities.

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The Arc operates solely on membership dues, donations and fundraising.

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